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Global Development, LLC performs Real Estate Investment research and due dilligence across a wide spectrum of real estate investment fields. Drawing on over 15 years of real estate investment experience, our team consists of former portfolio managers, private equity sales managers and successful individual investors. We have raised and managed over $20 Million dollars in private investments over the last 10 years. We have extensive experience in alternative real estate investments (tax liens, tax deeds, REO, foreclosures, etc), as well as traditional investments. We are available to perform all levels of due dilligence, to give you the peace of mind prior to making sizeable investments.
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Strategic Partners:
The Aspen Group allows selected accredited investors the opportunity to participate in its premier real estate projects. Investor returns are typically prioritized and paid in front of Developer residual profit participation. The typical Aspen Group investment opportunity is outlined below but may vary depending on the project.

  • Targeted Return: 20% annual compounded return prioritized before Managing Member's gain
  • Target Investment Return Period: Generally 18-36 months per project.


Taxlien.com is the home page of Optimum Realty Corporation, a leader in tax-distressed real estate investing since 1991. We manage a private tax lien investment pool and we operate taxdeed.com®, America's leading online seller of tax foreclosure real estate. We also provide tax lien acquisition and servicing to hedge funds and high net-worth individual investors. Click on our Land Available page for information about prime investment real estate for sale and upcoming public auctions of tax foreclosure real estate. We are not an educational organization and do not offer books, tapes or seminars on tax lien investing. To connect with other sites where you can learn about tax lien investing, go to our links page. Our tax lien pool is closed to new U.S. investors.